Bay Haven 3rd. Grade Sail

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The weather forced us back into port, but everyone still had a good time.  Hi Mom!

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The volunteers for Stations One and Two are seated on cross members connecting the two pontoons.
These cross members also act as floatation chambers, keeping us afloat no matter what. Safety First!

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Everyone was comfy while they learned to find their way using a compass and a chart .

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Being on the water on a sunny day lends itself to learning, an experience they won't forget.

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Everyone is high and dry as we float in a protected harbor and the winds continues to build in the bay.
Safety and comfort are a few of our primary objectives.
The crew later moved the vessel back to our slip at Nokomis Beach Park
which is provided as support from Sarasota County Parks & Recreation.

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At Station Four, the importance of our water is shared and tests are shown.

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Captain Robert Killian entertains with some Ol' Sea Shanty songs as everyone sings along.

We want to thank the Sarasota National Estuary Program for providing the grant to Bay Haven Elementary School, which made our presentation possible. We hope the children all enjoyed their visit aboard our floating classroom. Mother Nature sometimes dictates to us how we need to perform our tasks while we're making other plans.  We do our best to deal with what she has to offer. Our all volunteer staff and crew hope you enjoyed our efforts.
If so, please pass it on.  Thank you!

See us on PBS
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Click the YouTube link, to view our segment.

"A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins"
Click the link above to view the entire program.

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"Spotted Sea Hair"

Come join us.
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