Island Village Montessori, Venice Campus. Kindergarten & 1st Grades.

5-12-09Station1.jpg (117527 bytes)

Plankton station; Even the smallest hands can learn to use lab tools.

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Wow! So that's what a zooplankton looks like!

5-12-09Overview.jpg (122837 bytes)

Yup! Not only the fish need water to live.

5-12-09Station2.jpg (103728 bytes)

Is this a blade of sea grass?

5-12-09Station3.jpg (104584 bytes)

Let's test the water in the gulf and see if it's healthy.

5-12-09QuietTime.jpg (123346 bytes)

Time for a "Moment of Silence" to listen to nature's voice.

5-12-09MusicTime.jpg (102063 bytes)

Captain Robert breaks the silence with a song.

5-12-09Wave.jpg (157092 bytes)

Hi Mom, Hi Dad! It's been great fun! Let's do it again!

5-12-09OspreyNest.jpg (156544 bytes)

The male Osprey is standing over the female's head, to shadow her from the sun, as she sets on the eggs with her feathers open to the wind for ventilation.




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