PAL Charter School Sail

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Captain Robert gives a safety talk and shares some sailing stories.

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Time to raise the sails, a hands on experience.

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Raising the jib, many hands makes for light work.

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Science Station 1 uses a seine net to collect the microbes for viewed.

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Science Station 2 shows examples of fish and snails and talks about the food chain.

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Science Station 3 does several water tests and shows the health of our bay waters.

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Science Station 4 teaches navigation skills and the use of charts and a hand-held compasses.

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We enjoyed having all of you aboard the Sea Dragon, you were a great bunch.

How a person views life has so much to do with how they live life. 
It's within each and everyone of us to choose joy.
Life's not easy, so when given the opportunity to have some fun, go for it!
Your life will be richer and the strains will seem much less...Laszlo...

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"Fly Free"

Thank you Harvey for helping both our organizations!

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