Anna Maria Girl Scout Sail

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What a fun group, we had a great time despite a very brief momentary rain.

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Everyone gets a chance to help sail the boat by raising and lowering the sails.
Helping to build self-esteem and expanding the learning experience.

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They're learning how microbes and plankton help to feed the oceans & seas
and are able to see them first hand.

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Fishes from the wild help demonstrate the food chain and everyone's reliance on clean water.

6-06-09HandsOn.jpg (116371 bytes)

Hands on experiences are one of the most powerful learning tools.
Here they learn how healthy our water is and how much oxygen it carries.

PelicanTakeOff.jpg (96496 bytes)

With a powerful shove off this pelican is in flight, leaving behind a hole in the water.

PelicanScratch.jpg (62122 bytes)

There are different kinds of pelicans, do you know their names?
Clean water and clean feathers, helps to make for happy pelicans.

We hope you've enjoyed visiting our Website.
If you'd like to join or become a volunteer contact Captain Robert Killian at 941-587-9313.
Thank you!


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