Aquarian Quest Classes
Inspiring children to become the stewards of our water,
and instilling in them the skills, the knowledge and the desire to do so.

Captain's Log, star date: 12-20-2008 11:11:48 PM.

This page features images taken during class sessions, and the making of

"A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins"
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Focusing on the one thing we can't live without    ...WATER...

Over 10,000 children since the year 2002 have experienced an Aquarian Quest Class.

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Blue Morning AQ            Blue Morning             Capt Robert Net            Capt Robert Net 2            Prep

These next photographs track the day's activities, during the making of "A Gulf Coast Journal".

Chase Boat            Station 1            Second Station            Station 3            Station 4

The Volunteers help make it all possible and present the classes, we couldn't do it without them. 

Instructions              Instructions 2              A Hand Up             Capt. Robert with room for more.             Last Minute Details  

Jen Noble, Writer & Producer, and Alex Gazio, DP/Cameraman both have won several Emmys.

Departure             Departure 2             Alex Up Close            Alex At Work              Alex Up Close 3

Captain Robert Killian and Jan Kirchner are the mainstays of the Aquarian Quest Organization.

Jen & Gordon             Gordon N Alex             AQ profile W            Alex Jen Laszlo              John Osmulski N kids

But it's through the help of others, like yourself, that makes it possible for us to carry on.

Seine Net             Seine Net 2              Seine Net 3            Alex Up Close              SeineNet4W.jpg (96966 bytes)

Your generous Donations will help plant the seeds in our youth, for a Healthier Water Planet.

Alex Up Close 5               Station1jellyW.jpg (107510 bytes)              Capt. Jan             Jen Alex Jan 2             Jen Alex Jan

Help give our children the knowledge to make the right choices about our water and our future!

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A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.

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Science Stations 2 & 3 and Navigation Station 4.

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AQ Cruises
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