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Focusing on the one thing we can't live without    ...WATER...

Captain's Log, star date: 12-20-2008 11:11:48 PM.

This page features images taken during the making of
"A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins"

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Station 2a             Station 2b            Station 2 c            Station 2d            Station 2e

The children and adults are separated into four groups, they change stations at the bell's ring.

Station 2f            Station 2g            Station 2h            SeaGull Moon            Station 3a

Science Station Two explores the food chain from the snails, seaweed, fish and birds, to us.

Station 3b             Station 3c              Station 3d             Station 3e             Station 3f  

Science Station Three shows how we can test for water purity and oxygen to water ratios.

Station 4a             Station 4b             Alex Up Close 2            Station 4c              Station 4d

Science Station Four deals with how to navigate by the use of a hand-held compass and charts.

Casual Time             Casual Time 2             Capt Robert and Alex             Casual Time 3             Casual Time 5

Then there's time for stories and songs with Captain Robert and five minutes of quiet time.

Capt Robert Alex 2             Capt Robert Alex 3              Casual Time 4             Quiet Time            Quiet Time 2

It's time to lower the sails and head back as Capt. Robert again breaks into song.

Alex & Robert             Capt Killian 2             Jan Kirchner            John Osmulski              Laszlo by Alex

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"A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins"

The program was first aired on PBS
Thursday, January 29th on WEDU Channel 3
and re-broadcast on Sunday, February 1st.
It will be aired again throughout the year, watch for listings.

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