The Community Foundation of Sarasota County Sail

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We love putting our guests to work raising the sails, they tell us they love it too!
Of course the smiles are a pretty good indicator.

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We all are very fortunate to live in this wonderfully diverse community.

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Come, kick back and fly across the water, it's a different world.

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Of course you can dance across the water if you'd like.
Captain Robert Killian lends his voice and musical talents to these two teeny boppers.

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Hello to all, wish you were here. Everyone's baking on land and we're keeping cool on the water.
Oh ya that's what it's all about, the water! What would we do without it?

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And then there's the sunset, a reminder of the passing of another beautiful day on the water.
The motion of the sea is expressed in the fish tank above, surfs up.


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Thank you for all you do and we're glad you had a chance to see what we do too.

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The future of our water is in the hands of our children.

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      AQ Classes          The Spray Project
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