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Peter Seyffert
Memorial Sail

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4th of July

Community Foundation

Come Charter an AQ Cruise.

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The "Green Flash" as seen from one of our recent cruises.

Charters Available, Proceeds Support Our Programs.

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Encore Club Singles On The Go Schulz Family Elaine Silver Crosley

AQ Cruises ... Click on the images to enlarge.

Aquarian Quest Guests

AQ Instructions

Capt. Killian

Venice Crew

Guests 07w

Crosley Crosley Crosley Venice Boat Crosley

Aquarian Quest Kids            Watching Us            The Sea Dragon            Sea Shanty Song            Aquarian Quest Future

These photographs were taken during the Crosley "Festival of Tree" Dec. 3rd to the 10th.

Crosley Channel               Aquarian Quest Guests              AQ Guests 01B             AQ Guests01C             Aquarian Quest Guests

The weather was cool but beautiful. A bad day sailing is better than a good day at the office.

Laszlo              Osprey             A view from the Crosley.             Crosley Estate Sunset            Aquarian Quest Lts W

The crew, filled with the Christmas Spirit, readied the boat for the two Boat Parades.

Lights Set              South to Nokomis             James and Jan               SeaGull Take Off              Venice Prep

A weekend away from the Crosley Estate, in order to participate in the Parade.

Ringling Mansion             AQ Guests 2w              AnneCederbergW.jpg (71786 bytes)             Guests09aW.jpg (108791 bytes)             Guests09w.jpg (124918 bytes)

Back to the Crosley Estate for some more days, sailing in paradise!

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Sarasota Boat Parade.

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"A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins"
The program was first aired on PBS
Thursday, January 29th on WEDU Channel 3
and re-broadcast on Sunday, February 1st.
It will be aired again throughout the year, watch for listings.

AQ Classes                          The Spray Project
      AQ Classes          The Spray Project
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      Ani Boat 24                Ani Boat E
    Venice Christmas Boat Parade              Sarasota Christmas Boat Parade

Aquarian Quest Gallery
Click here for the Aquarian Quest Water Festival.
Recognized and awarded by the County of Sarasota as Sarasota's own Tall Ship.
See images at sea with the children and teachers aboard the Daniel Webster Clements.
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