Peter Seyffert Memorial Sail

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Peter Seyffert Jr.  7-16-47 to 4-17-09

Peter was one of the original Aquarian Quest's founders.  "The Original Eight"

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Julia’s Eulogy for Peter July 11, 2009

Inspiration is the first experience I had with Peter.
When a friend at CPL heard that I had started a garden design business she introduced me to Peter after church service one Sunday. We talked about our passions for creating beautiful gardens, his with water, mine on land. Our first outing was to see three of his lovely water gardens. He was SO very proud of his creations and I saw that our passions could be easily merged on these projects.

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Visualizing and Manifesting were a part of Peter’s Being
Peter, whose nickname as a child was Pebble. He was the Pond Artist, and his element was water.

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His whole life he lived on or near the sea and in his twenties he left art school to work as a trucker and save for a sailboat. One of those trucking gigs was for the Rolling Stones. Peter = the rock.

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He had SO many stories about his adventures at sea, in the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic or through the  Siene River in France.

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One of my many lessons from Peter was about trusting the Universe.

To provide ways to earn money

Trusting in our hope for positive changes

Trusting the Universe to provide the right people in our lives to do good together

Trusting that our good was within reach at all times

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Peter envisioned so many wonderful things.

Aquarian Quest was his dream for bringing people together on the water.

To celebrate life and the goodness that we all share.

Thanks to All of you for sharing this day with us.

And thanks for your support of Aquarian Quest.

Julia Hanlon Seyffert

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Respectfully, we hope you enjoyed the memorial for Peter Seyffert aboard Aquarian Quest's Sea Dragon.
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Peter; May The Wind Be At Your Back...Laszlo...

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