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The Aquarian Quest is a nonprofit organization that started with a vision to address the most pressing challenges facing our youth and community today. To date, we have held our fourth annual Aquarian Quest Water & Wooden Boat  Festivals. These events helped to bring awareness of our mission to the community. In addition, we have co-sponsored three Holiday parties for  needy children in the area. In the winter of 2001, we began our onboard programs using the 73-foot,  1924 replica schooner named the Daniel Webster Clements, teaching a variety of environmentally and socially conscious programs that help individuals of all ages clarify their true intention and desires, their goals, and their path in life.


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Bob Killian receiving award for the Aquarian Quest.
Sarasota County's Official Educational Tall Ship.

Our Mission

Our programs are designed to teach ecological wisdom while facilitating the growth of individuals as they sail aboard a traditional schooner or "Tall Ship." The Aquarian Quest is dedicated to helping our community
step into a higher consciousness of our waters and ourselves. 

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