Community Service
Advertising, Stage Production, Direction, Lighting,
Sound, Logistics, Donation Acquisitions and Builder.

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Wyland / Laszlo Key West Post Card

October 30th, 1993
Photographed the evolution of Wyland's Whaling Wall  #52  located on William Street next to Reef Relief's office.
Wyland and I Co-Copyrighted a post card as a fund raiser for Reef Relief (a nonprofit).
5000 cards were donated to Reef Relief and sold for $5.00 ea. They all sold and generated $25,000.00 in proceeds.
DeeVon Quirolo: Director. Reef Relief installs mooring buoys around the reefs and monitors Florida Bay's water qualities.
Laszlo: Photographer / Donator

Journey With Angels
December 15th & 16, 1995 (three shows, over 4,000 tickets sold)
A CPL Christmas Variety Show.
Held at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.
Red Wiles: Executive Producer. IrisPassionSm.jpg (31149 bytes)
Laszlo: Stage Chief, Logistics (146 performers and staff)

Unity Church of Sarasota's Prayer Box
March 24th 1996
Contracted by Rev. Don Jackson
Laszlo: Builder, donated it to Unity.

A Harvest of Gratitude
September 21st, 1996
Benefit for "Kids in Crisis." Held at the Players Theatre.
David Gittens: Executive Producer.
Laszlo: Stage Chief, Lighting Design

"Spring Forward" Sarasota's own Variety Show
Spring of 1997
A school children's performance held at the Players Theatre.
Red Wiles, Susan Swanson: Producer / Director 
Laszlo: Fly Rod Operator

Center for Positive Living
September 15th, 1997
Marketing and Fund Raising Committee.
Laszlo: Committee Member; Advertising and Promotions

CPL. 15th Anniversary Celebration
September 26th, 1997 for one performance.
Raised over $5,000 for the Center for Positive Living. Held at the Sarasota High School Auditorium.
Bernard Kautz: Executive Producer 
Laszlo: Stage Chief / Director, Lighting Design, Program Design, Cover Photograph for Program and Advertising, and a 2 hour Slide Show Presentation timed to live music with 12 different performing groups.

Puttin' on the Ritz
November 14th, 1997
CPL Dinner Dance & Show
Held at the Country Club of Sarasota.
Rob Satori: Music Director 
Laszlo: Artistic Director, Coordinator.

The Giving Tree
December 20th, 1997
A Christmas charity event, collected over 300 gifts for needy children held at the Phillippi Estate Park.
David Gittens: Executive Producer.
Laszlo: Stage Manager, Set Design, Lighting & Sound Design, Donation Acquisitions for Set Up.

Gifts of Love
December 23rd, 1997
A Christmas talent show for the community, from and by the community of CPL, held at the David Cohen Hall.
Bernie Kautz: Executive Producer. 
Laszlo: Artistic Director, Set Design (the Hall), Talent Coordinator, Stage Manager.

Trinity Baptist Church Restoration
February 23rd to March 12th 1998. Included two weekend all day reconstruction events.
Produced by Center for Positive Living, Tithing Committee. With 129 CPL. Volunteers
Dan Cormany, Derry Beck, and Laszlo: CO-Chairs 
Laszlo: Construction Manager, Work Force Coordinator, Donation Acquisitions

CPL Presents Arun Gandhi
March 26th, 1998
Held at the Sarasota Opera House. Coordinated with "A Season for Nonviolence"
Ed Page: Chairperson
Laszlo: Photographer and Interviewer for

CPL. Picnic
April 4th, 1998
Special Events Committee.
Denise Oyler: Chairperson 
Laszlo: Events Coordinator, Donation Acquisitions, Barbecue Chef

Easter Beanie Baby Bunny Give Away
April 12th 1998
Produced by Laszlo (with Bunny Bob) Held at Trinity Baptist Church, NewTown Sarasota.
Rosemary Cannon: Donator / Owner of Coconuts on Siesta Key.
Laszlo: Event Organizer, Donation Acquisitions, Host All Faiths Food Bank

April 25th, 1998
48 CPL Volunteers (collected 130,000 lb. of food)
Peg Mathys: President - Board of Directors 
Laszlo: Work Force Coordinator with CPL Volunteers at the Main Post Office Downtown Sarasota.

Dr Andrew Weil Performance
May 3rd, 1998
Produced by Holistic HealthWorks, Inc. Held at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.
Joyce D. Piecuch: Executive Director
Laszlo: Artistic Director, Stage Design, Lighting Design, Logistics with Dr. Weil.

Family News Network
May 10th, 1998
Free publication benefiting low income families. (monthly magazine)
Published by The Groves Foundation, Inc.
Laszlo: Vice President - Groves Foundation, Inc.

Rev. David Owen Ritz Retirement Gathering
June 30th, 1998
A full page, inside cover, photo montage in Positive Living Magazine July/August.
Linda Gabriel: Editor / Publisher
Laszlo: Photographer
October 1st, 1998
Creation of a Website to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. To say thank you, and to give back to the global community the gifts that had been shared with me. To create a doorway for those searching for answers on alternative healing or may be looking for ways to find their higher self.
Laszlo: Creator / Designer, Webmaster.

Sarasota 2K
December 30th & 31st, 1999  Two days long, morning until midnight.
Held at Phillippi Estate Park with a two hour, candle light musical event each night.
David Gittens: Executive Producer. A two day event filled with presentations from community minded organizations.
Laszlo: Stage Manager, Gazebo Setup and Stage Design, Lighting & Sound Design

Positive Living Magazine
January-February 2000 Winter Issue
Article: Partners With Community BeesEyeView2Sm.jpg (35879 bytes)
Linda Gabriel: Editor / Publisher 
Laszlo: Author

Natural Awakenings Magazine
January 1st, 2000
Article: The Blossoming of the Groves
Randall Moore: Editor 
Laszlo: Author

Humane Society Dog Show
February 12th, 2000
Held at the Groves Family Festival
Gary Dumas: Executive Director
Laszlo: Coordinator, Logistics

From the Heart
February 12th, 2000
An "All Day Family Festival"
Produced by the Groves Foundation, Inc. Held at Twin Lakes Park.
Laszlo: President, Executive Director
Laszlo: Event Organizer, Stage Design, Lighting & Sound Design, Advertising

Medicine Wheel, Drum and Breath Workshop
February 13th, 2000
"Rivers of Time" Featured Artists.
Produced by The Groves Foundation, Inc. Held at Unity Church of Sarasota. 
Laszlo: Event Coordinator, Advertising and Promotions

Groves Benefit Concert
February 13th, 2000
"Rivers of Time" Featured Artists. Began their claim to fame at the Omega Institute in NY.
Produced by The Groves Foundation, Inc. Held at Unity Church of Sarasota.
Laszlo: Event Coordinator, Lighting and Sound Design, Advertising and Promotions

Miracles In Everyday Life
February 29th to April 4th, 2000. 
Produced by the Groves Foundation, Inc. Six classes held at The Unitarian Universalist Church.
Callie Chappell: Guest Speaker
Laszlo: Event Organizer, Graphic Designs, Advertising and Promotions

The Healing Energy Process
March 1st, 2000
Produced by the Groves Foundation, Inc. Held at The Van Meter Hall
Rev. Janice Jessup: Guest Speaker
Laszlo: Event Organizer, Graphic Designs, Advertising and Promotions

Interactive Meditation Adventure
March 10th, 2000
Produced by the Groves Foundation, Inc. Held at The Unitarian Universalist Church
Alan Breslow: Guest Speaker 
Laszlo: Event Organizer, Graphic Designs, Advertising and Promotions

Proactive CoCreation
March 22nd to April 5th, 2000
Produced by the Groves Foundation, Inc. Three classes held at The Van Meter Hall.
Kym Brookshire: Guest Speaker 
Laszlo: Event Organizer, Graphic Designs, Advertising and Promotions

The Aquarian Quest (Nonprofit Organization)
October 26th, 2000.
Takes school children on a 2 hour educational cruses aboard the Tall Ship "Daniel Webster Clements."
Jan Kirshner: President, Executive Director,
Laszlo: Cofounder, in charge of creating Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

CPL. Chorus Concert 2000
November, 2000
Produced by Center for Positive Living. Held at the West Coast Symphony Center.
Rob Satori: Music Director
Laszlo: Angel (named by staff)

"Imagine" an evening with Marianne Williamson
January 19th, 2001. A pre show presentation set to live music.
Produced by Center for Positive Living. Held at First United Methodist Church
Jay Whitham: Executive Producer
Laszlo: CO-Produced a 10 min CD-ROM Slide Show Presentation using my images.

Committed to Awakened Community
March 17th to May 12th, 2001
Produced by Center for Positive Living. Held at the West Coast Symphony Center.
Caryl Lenahan: Chairperson
Laszlo: 8 Week Series, Artistic Director, Stage Designer, Logistics

1st Annual Aquarian Quest Water Festival
April 26th, 2001
Produced by Aquarian Quest, Inc. Held at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron
Joe Jackson: President
Laszlo: Board Member, Stage Design, Lighting & Sound Design, Photographer

The Four Agreements (Tape Series Cover Photograph)
Aug. 1st, 2001
Rev. Tony La Motta: Motivational Speaker
Laszlo: Photographer

Award Ceremonies for The Aquarian Quest, Sarasota County Board of Commissioners
March 26th, 2002.
Awarded Sarasota's own official  "Tall Ship"
Amie E. Hear: Outreach Coordinator
Laszlo: Photographer and one of the Founders. MistyMumSm.jpg

Center for Positive Living's Prayer Box
December 16th, 2002
Steve Dunham: Coordinator
Laszlo: Builder

His Holiness Grand Master Professor Thomas Lin-Yun
March 21st, 2003
Presented by: Absolute Harmony - Feng Shui, Inc.
Katrine T. Karley: Coordinator
Laszlo: Photographer

Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well In Paris
April 1st, 2004
Presented by the Players Theatre
Burton Wolfe: Director
Laszlo: Performance Photographer. Produced a 45 page photo essay of the play.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
July 4th, 2004
Sharon Gellman: Director of Events
Laszlo: Built a lighted 4th of July Display along the entrance to Selby Gardens.

The Backlot Arts
July through August 2004
President and CEO: Mark Marvell
Position: Member of the steering committee for the formation of the 501c3 (The Backlot)

The Patchwork Army
Fall of 2004 through Spring of 2005
Weekend warriors helping to cover homes with tarps and remove damaged trees.
Focused on the uninsured, sick and elderly.
worked in coordination with Craig McAllister; Director of the SW Region of the Baptist Hurricane Relief Effort, Rev. Don Fern; Center for Positive Living, Pastor Bill Frank; First Baptist Church of Port Charlotte, Pastor Jim Kuse; United Methodist Church of Port Charlotte, Joe Jackobson; Sarasota County (Supplied trailer load of bottled water for relief workers and families in need,) Chris Roles; 1220 AM Talk Radio (with interview and getting out the word for volunteers) Jan Kirchner; President of the Aquarian Quest Inc.(a non-profit volunteer group) Harvey Otto from the Mennonite Community and Pastor Ken Galloway; New Day Baptist Church of Arcadia. After 11 weeks, 285 households in Port Charlotte and Arcadia were directly helped by this group of individuals. In addition, found housing and made arrangements for a discounted rent, for a Mother and her two children, in Sarasota, that lost their home due to fire during hurricane Charley.
Position: Founder and coordinator of an all faiths, all volunteer, weekend work force.

Much more to follow.

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