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Notice the open mouth with eyes accented.
Image taken from a scan provided by Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

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In all fairness.  Dinosaur didn't lay 'egg' in Florida

See Professor Mary Schweitzer's discoveries below.

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Watch an interview with Mary Schweitzer

Scientist recover soft tissue from T. rex

News Release NC State University

Dinosaur Shocker

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Picture from
Mary Schweitzer's WolfBlog
Posted on her blog, July 25th 2007

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The mandible in the center of this image is from the scan,
as revealed by Sarasota Memorial Hospital's CT Scanner.
June 27th 2007, day of the scan, images released 30 days later.


Profile2eLined.jpg (36050 bytes)
A further rotation of the scan, shows the details of the head better.
The head lays on the body which is curled underneath it,  1&1/2   times.
When you see the scans in rotation, these details become much clearer.
The arrow points to it's forked tail.


Profile1crp.jpg (35316 bytes)
A partial segment, (top third) rotated 30 degrees.
Mandible (pictured above) is from beneath this section.

EggWhtDetail.jpg (43473 bytes)
A different filter was used to help bring out the bone details.
This view is looking straight down, from above.


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The dinosaurs were also called "Bird Hipped" because their pelvis was turned backwards,
much like today's birds. That's also why many theorize, birds of today were dinosaurs of the past.


BoneDetailWeb.jpg (45245 bytes)
Three different pairs.


It's truly amazing! We are now able to look into a rock and peer back into time,
approximately 85 million years, and see the remains of a creature inside.


6394EGGSHELLWEB.JPG (78648 bytes)
Comparison to a known dinosaur Chinese dinosaur egg.

A photographic image from the bottom side.
6250DINOPROMED.JPG (31252 bytes)
Here's looking at you, with a red iris and yellow cornea.
Mary Schweitzer's discovery opens the door to this being a real possibility.
Scientist recover soft tissue from T. rex

Featured in the NASA Science Tent, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
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NASA Science Tent

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NASA Astronaut, Duane E. Graveline M.D. and Laszlo at the recent Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
About the Doc:  Biography   Visit his site at  www.SpaceDoc.net


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Having a little fun, original image courtesy of NASA.

The more I know, the more I know, I don't know.
New discoveries are being made everyday.
Keep an open mind to new possibilities.

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