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Welcome to my collection

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Challenging Discoveries


Custom Animations.


Image name "Flight of Fancy"

Flight of Fancy


Laszlo in a profile image.

Herald Tribune Article

Click Here To Read About The Artist Laszlo

Click above to read about Laszlo's  portrait of his Grandfather.
Community Service
Stage Work

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Click here for images in "Carolina Arts."

Laszlo's Art on Display

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Multnoma Falls         Click to enlarge        Warkeena Falls 

Falls and Vistas

Gorgeous Certificate 

  About Laszlo

Certificates on the limited editions.
Click to enlarge


           Sunset Crosley          
Crosley Special


The Sensual Garden

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Bees Eye View 7

Garden III

Garden IV

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Garden I

Garden II


Performing Arts Photography

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The Wallendas at the recent E-fest Music & Arts Festival
November 15th. and 16th. 2008
Click here to see more.


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Pink Floyd 2006 in Sarasota, Florida.

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Altar-Boyz1web.jpg (71779 bytes)       Altar-Boyz2web.jpg (56737 bytes)       Altar-Boyz5web.jpg (38095 bytes)       Altar-Boyz3web.jpg (64460 bytes)       Altar-Boyz4web.jpg (85289 bytes)

Photographed at the Van Wezel performing Arts Hall.
Sarasota, Florida

List of Concert Images

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


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Click below to see the images from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Gallery One      Gallery Two      Gallery Three

Gallery Four             Albuquerque Colors

aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)                       aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)                          aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)                 aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)                            aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)             aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)         aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)          aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)                 aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)    
                                                       aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)                                                        aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)                                                          aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)                                     aniStar3.gif (1333 bytes)
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Balloon Fiesta Fireworks



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Obsidian has never been found in Florida before now!
According to the report below and because of the age of the obsidian,
a possible source is the Netherlands Antilles.

A Report from USF Tampa

Mount Scenery,  Saba.  The Netherlands Antilles.

Mount Scenery is a lava dome which forms the summit of the Saba island stratovolcano.
At an elevation of 877 m.  The Saba volcano is potentially dangerous; the latest eruption
was  around the year 1640 and included explosions and pyroclastic flows. 


Stone Tool Profiles 1W
Faces in Stone


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Chinese Shipwreck Discovery
Click here to see my underwater photographs.

ChineseJunkModel9.jpg (33838 bytes)                     book-cover1434.jpg (19869 bytes)                    ChineseJunkModel2.jpg (45492 bytes)

Could it be, Chinese Camphor (Kapur) in the Caribbean?

Additional Underwater Images with Facial Details.

Chinese Junk models left behind at the 1910 Worlds Fair.


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Staff Photo / E. Skylar Litherland

Dinosaur Egg Discovery

LazNASA.jpg (47667 bytes)

NASA Science Tent

Or is it a 50 million year old Septarian Nodule, you decide and let me know what you think.


BigBlackSmoker2.jpg (28621 bytes)

Hydrothermal Vent Discovery
Never before found in Florida!

Animations by


MexPetWeb.jpg (59244 bytes)                  FaerieElaineAniSm.gif (166664 bytes)                   FaerieElaineSm.jpg (89635 bytes)
Click above for a larger view
Faerie Elaine Silver
Check out her music and inspiration, click here.

Laszlo Animations


FireFly4E.jpg (40449 bytes)      firefly2.jpg (49133 bytes)      AniFireWrk.gif (42982 bytes)       firefly3.jpg (56635 bytes)       fireflye.jpg (45375 bytes)

flagbar.jpg (3219 bytes)

Fireworks Gallery is in the works. Click on above images to enlarge.

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See the making of,
"A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins"
Aquarian Quest Classes

The program was broadcast on PBS.
Thursday, January 29th, at 8pm on WEDU Channel 3
and re-broadcast on Sunday, February 1st, at 2pm.
It will be aired again throughout the year, watch for listings.

youtubelogo_123x63.gif (3457 bytes)

AniFireWrk.gif (42982 bytes)    Aquarian Quest Cruises     AniFireWrk.gif (42982 bytes)
Come see the Venice fireworks from the deck of the Sea Dragon

BlueBoat24w2.jpg (38112 bytes)

The Venice Boat Parade

The Sarasota Boat Parade

ChristmasBulbWeb.jpg (67464 bytes)

The Crosley Estate "Festival Of Trees"

PlayersCastW2.jpg (60828 bytes)
John Andruzzi     Joi Henry       Kali Westphalen      Archie Waugh                   Travis Rogers            
"It's A Wonderful Life"
A live radio play with music.
Presented at the Crosley by The Manatee Players.

MariaWirries1Rw2.jpg (54929 bytes)
Maria Wirries as she performed at the Crosley Estate.

December 3rd.  thru   December 10th.  2008
Pictures of the Manatee Players, Gingerbread Houses, Trees,
Model Trains, Crosley Radios and Cars, Maria Wirries, and much more.


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Click the image above, to view the gifts.

A special musical treat.
bttrfly.gif (1467 bytes)                               GazeboWeb.jpg (90866 bytes)                                bttrfly.gif (1467 bytes)
"Island Style"

Glass Test Results



8 1/2" X 11" Photographic Images are: $19.95 plus shipping and processing.

8 1/2" X 11" Signed and mounted image, on a 16" X 20" acid free board : $125.00

or two for : $225.00  or three for : $300.00

12" X 16" Signed and mounted image, on a 16" X 20" acid free board = $250.00 ea.

or two for : $450.00  or three for : $600.00

Placing An Order For Photographs

Printable Order Form

Larger sizes are on a quote basis.


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