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Laszlo's passion for photography began during elementary school in Detroit, Michigan. Soon after receiving his first camera - a Kodak Brownie - he started photographing his fellow Cub Scouts as they received their merit badges. Later Laszlo would develop the images in his father's darkroom, and then sell them at the next Cub Scout meeting for $.50 each. Little did anyone guess this would be the beginning of a long and distinguished photographic career.

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Laszlo's father handing out merit badges.

After honing his skills in the time-honored manner - photographing weddings, babies, etc., Laszlo moved on to promotional advertising and concert photography work. By his mid-twenties, Laszlo's work had been published in Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone and the LA Times.

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He had completed assignments for Bamboo Productions, Acoin Management, ABC Records, Capital Records, London Records (London England) and Island Records (London England),  Arista Records (Europe), W.E.A. Records, and the trade magazine International Radio and Record World. Lala Bowie (David's sister) was Laszlo's contact at Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Above left is Laszlo and Cecil Hoge (Talisman International)  manager for Angle and many other groups, he also managed the Wings Over America Tour. They met in Cobo Hall, Detroit Michigan, to discuss the up coming concert. Above right is Graham Edge, drummer for the Moody Blues, and Laszlo. Graham had produced a solo album and Laszlo was hired to photograph his Michigan Tour.

After his success in a very competitive arena, Laszlo embarked on a life-changing adventure - he took to sea with his grandfather for three years on a 36 foot catch called the Sin Duda, it's Portuguese for "Without Doubt." During this time, Laszlo focused on the activity that has become his photographic trademark: capturing the wonder and beauty of nature from a fresh and unique perspective. During these voyages, he created an impressive portfolio of stock photographs as well as an award winning portrait of his grandfather, James V. Summers.

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Laszlo established a thriving import/export business during his time at sea and eventually settled back on dry land to operate this business full-time. His company sold to the 10 major theme parks and three Sea World locations. 1500 retail accounts including Eckerds and Kmart, He imported from 14 different countries, and was the first vendor in Disney's 25 year history to have a "vendor built display" accepted by Disney's display department. It was a fully lit, thirty two piece, U/L approved, sea shell night-light display. Two years later, after his third 52 piece lighted night-light display was accepted, the door was then opened for all other vendors to do the same. The displays were designed and built by Laszlo. While meeting the financial demands of growing a business, Laszlo continued to use his photographic skills for the promotion of his business and also completed commercial photographic assignments for fellow vendors and show promoters. The Miami Gift Show and The Panama City Gift Show just to name a few.

By the early 90's Laszlo was in a position to devote himself fully to his photography. He moved to Key West to combine his passions for photography, the sea, and community service into a integrated whole. He became a volunteer for "Reef Relief" a non-profit organization committed to saving the Florida reefs by permanently placing mooring buoys around the reefs, thus protecting the reefs from anchor damage. During this time he became friends with the infamous Captain Finbar, and on many occasions Laszlo went sailing and drumming on the full moon drumming trips aboard Finbar's Schooner Wolf  (a replica of an 1800's blockade runner, Tall Ship)

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Laszlo & Finbar

Laszlo had also become the "Main Sheet Man" aboard a 9 member, 12 meter racing yacht called the "Razzle Dazzle" a custom built vessel by Erwin Yachts of St. Petersburg, Florida. While sailing aboard the "Razzle Dazzle" he would capture the races literally from a sailors point of  view. On the Sunday following the races the Key West Citizen (local news paper) would publish his images in the Sports Section covering the races.

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Riding the bow during the Hemmingway Race

While in Key West, Laszlo met another artist with similar passions - the well known muralist Wyland. Their collaboration represented a major turning point and influence in Laszlo's artistic career. Together, Laszlo and Wyland developed a postcard that helped fund an effort to preserve Florida's reefs and waters. The sale of 5,000 postcards at $5.00 ea. resulted in a $25,000 donation to Reef Relief.  Twelve of Laszlo's photographs and three full page photo spreads are featured in one of Wyland's most popular book's: Wyland's Whaling Walls. Laszlo was also featured in the newspaper The Key West Citizen with a full page front cover article and photographs about Laszlo's work with Wyland. Published October 24th 1993.

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  Laszlo & Wyland's   Post Card Project

Laszlo also worked with "Islands Magazine" (an exclusive international travel magazine) and photographed several travel and destination brochures while still living in Key West.

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Laszlo then moved to Sarasota, Florida where he won an award for an image he took in a Key West yacht basin entitled "Water Colors". He has produced photographic images for books, magazines, and Websites. Laszlo was chosen to be the Artistic Director, Set Designer for the Dr. Andrew Weil production held at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center in Sarasota and was in charge of logistics with Dr. Weil. 

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Rev. Jackie Ricker, Dr. Andrew Weil & Laszlo

He was also chosen as Artistic Director for two promotional videos for musician and comedian David Hubbell. Laszlo was also responsible for directing several dozen other productions including a benefit concert featuring the group "Rivers of Time." 

Buckley, Gayle, Laszlo, Michael, & Damion        
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Buckley, Gayle, Laszlo, Michael, & Damion

While working through his stage fright, Laszlo worked with Stephen Paul Edwards. Stephen was formerly a national speaker for the Anthony Robbins organization and since 1994 has been traveling across the country speaking to audiences on self-empowerment, personal development and the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. During the past six years he has spoken to over 1,500 companies across the country including AT&T, IBM and US Today. Stephen has also spoken along with: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bernie Siegal, James Redfield, Neale Donald Walsh, Stephen Glenn, Larry Dossey, Bradford Keeney, Dr. Carlos Warter and Barbara DeAngelis. He also thought Laszlo to Fire Walk.

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Stephen Edwards, Laszlo, Matt & Marilyn Burgess.
Matt & Marilyn teach Effortless Meditation.
They can be reached at 941-685-0074

Laszlo also helped to found the "Aquarian Quest" a non-profit organization that sails school children out to sea on the "Daniel Webster Clements" a 70 foot, all wood replica of an 1924 Gulf Coast schooner (Tall Ship). On board the children are taught about our relationship to the environment. They conduct water quality tests and oxygen to water ratio tests. They are also introduced to the concept of the food chain and how what we put into the water all comes back to us, along with many more such tests. Bob Killian, performing artist and one of the Clearwater Festival founders in New Jersey, is also one of the founders of the Aquarian Quest. Bob performs sailing songs on board with the children as they raise the sails and after a five minute quiet time, during which they listen to the wind and wave and the sea.

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Laszlo and children aboard the Daniel Webster Clements

In 2001 Laszlo traveled the mountains of North & South Carolina. His work captures the special serenity and beauty of the Appalachian mountains, waterfalls and flowers.

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One of the greatest influence with Laszlo's 48" X 56" images of the falls was Ansel Adams and he has also been likened to Georgia O'keeffe with his close-ups of  flowers. Laszlo discovered Georgia's Iris September 17, 2004. He photographed his Iris during a trip to Michigan in May of 2001. 

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On June 15th and 16th, 2002 Summit One Gallery welcomed Laszlo, and a special exhibition of his limited edition photographic art entitled The Appalachian Mountains, Waterfalls, and Flowers. Laszlo produces photographs up to 48" X 96" in size.

A Press/Media gathering was held for the "Appalachian Mountains, Waterfalls, and Flowers" exhibit on June 14th from 10AM to 1PM.  A Designers Preview was then held from 4PM to 7PM with wine and cheese offered. Laszlo was present at both times to discuss his work. On June 15th & 16th, Laszlo was present to greet the public.

Summit One Gallery is located on the Cashiers Road in Highlands, North Carolina and is open from 10-5 Monday through Saturday, and for this special event there was a showing on Sunday from 12-5. For future information about the gallery contact Mary Adair Leslie. 828-526-2673

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Laszlo most recently photographed two artists in Sarasota at their exhibits and book signings. One is of the, whimsically creative artist, Tom Cross. Featured in an interview with Jack Perkins on PBS and recently showing Tom's work at the new JABU Center in Sarasota. Bob Buzzelli son of  JABU  thought he'd help Tom fight his ongoing battle with cancer by having a benefit showing of Tom's work. It's a must see event and opportunity. The exhibit will be up through the Summer by appointment. 941-302-2271 Tom's portrait of Jack Perkins as a wizard was used for the Grand Opening of the movie "Lord of the Rings" European Tour. Follow the link below to Tom's site. Click on each image below to enlarge.

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 TomCross3Web.jpg (61822 bytes)        LaszloTomCrossWeb.jpg (69337 bytes)

Marguerite Loucks Dye, born in 1917 and has now made her transition March 20, 2007. She was the writer of some of the most humorous poems imaginable. She had written a poem for her great grandson Danny, when he was born, to share with him all the places she had traveled and the animals she had ridden. That poem became the inspiration for a fully illustrated children's book that pulls on every heart string with joy, imagination and laughter. She spanned the full spectrum from children's books to the, as she would say, "chronologically advantaged."  Her other book (in its twelfth printing) appeals to the "keenaged" citizens as she poetically poked fun at the senior side of  life.

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For information about her books contact:

MargueriteDye3Web.jpg (36595 bytes)
" Jeepers Laszlo! You can make an old girl look pretty good! "
Marguerite Loucks Dye

September 18th, 1917 --- March 20th 2007

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In 2006, Laszlo and Dick Smothers get together for a benefit for
WSLR 96.5  Sarasota's own community radio .

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Johnny Lewis and Laszlo meet at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
Johnny was the first to build and pilot a hot air balloon in NM. in 1976.

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William "Flash" Gordon          Laszlo               Dr. Alfonz Lengyel   
I'm honored to say, two of my best friends...
Image taken by June Gordon after our signing
|off, of artifacts sent to Gavin Menzies.
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June Gordon "Angel"

My Ancestry

From the House of Armod
LÁSZLÓ, Fülöp Elek

He moved to London and was Knighted
Philip Alexius de Laszlo

My Second Uncle
Erno Laszlo Makeup & Cosmetics
Erno Laszlo, Erno László (July 11 1897 – March 1973)

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I'm proud to say, my name is on the original Letters of Incorporation
and with the editing of Joe Jacobson,  I helped to create the By-Laws.
Give use a hand, it's a worthy cause.

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