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for Hydrothermal Vents       (Dr. S. Craig Cary)      The Pompeii worm (Alvinella pompejana)

The Pompeii worm's family name Alvinellidae and genus name Alvinella both derive from DSV Alvin, the three-person submersible vehicle used during the ...   (Encyclopedia version)      (Dispatch explains worm's construction)      ( White vents University of Delaware)       (Dr C's Library)        (Picture of Black Smoker Vents)       (Drawing of Pompeii Worm)
(Examples of the vent fauna: Pacific fauna)       (NOVA PROGRAM about vents)      (National Geographic vent picture)
Alvinella pompejana, a tubeless worm from a hydrothermal vent in the Pacific. (from Gage and Tyler1990).   From the Natural History Museum UK.  (HISTORY of Vent Worms)      (GIF of Mid Ocean Ridges)      (NOAA GALLERY)   (Natural History Museum pic. of clam )      (GIF animation)
The deep-submergence vehicle Alvin during trips to the Axial Summit Caldera, west of Mexico and south of Baja, Calif. (9 north and 105 west of the equator).   As part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ocean Exploration Program   (Galapagos Spreading Plate picture)    (DEC. 2005 Galapagos Dive)        (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)        March 04, 2005 - By Randolph E. Schmid, Associated Press (WHITE VENTS) Source: Associated Press       Margaret Kingston Tivey    megtivey-bio.html,   Associate Scientist, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Cut-a-way Pic.of Vent) (Vent Structure, Magma to Ocean Floor Pic.)    (Meg's Site)     (American Museum of Natural History: Black Smokers)   (On Location: Hydrothermal Vents Research Photo Gallery)      (Voyages of the deep sea vehicle "Alvin" five year mission)  
(The Karoo's evolutionary scenario, habitat experienced cataclysmic volcanic eruptions)     U.S. Science Support Program associated with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program.          Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (Support)    (Funding)     (NOAA National Sea Grants)   (videos)      (Virtual Tours)       (MSNBC)        (Diamonds)       (Yucatan Info.)       (Color Space Pic)       (Pic. of Gold in Vent)   (Copper, Gold, Zinc Prices)     
(Hydrothermal Ore)       (Iron Ore Prices and Users)

  (USGS Description/Location of Vents)      (University of Florida, Dr. Mike Perfit)       (Rock Identification) = Scoria       (Scoria)      (Rock Textures)      ( Pic. of Rhyolite)       (Terms)       (solid Black Lava Glass) Back to Vents.

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