NASA Science Tent
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
October 4th to 14th, 2007


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My egg was featured at the entrance to the exhibit and was the first thing people saw as they entered the tent.


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Channel 8 6:00 News and Fox 13 News covered the exhibit and I was filmed by
Ted Gomillion, the creator of IMAX films and second crew for documentary called,
"Through The Air To Calais"


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The NASA Orion Project will start a mission to build a space station on the Moon at the end of  2008.
It will be used as a launching pad for trips to Mars, where another station's construction is planned.


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Astronaut Dr. Duane Graveline M.D. and Laszlo in front of the dinosaur egg display.


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Outside the NASA tent, early! early! morning.


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Full set up display in the Mannatech tent at the Balloon Fiesta.


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Pin collecting and trading is a tradition of the fiesta, dating back to it's first fiesta 36 years ago.


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I got pinned, I traded a NASA Orion pin for a 25 year Zebra Officials pin.
Some of the first pins are selling to collectors for as much as $1500.00, What Fun!


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