Stone Tool Profiles 1W

All 4 stone tools were found within feet of one another.

AniObsidianTool100.gif (421203 bytes)                 Comparison.jpg (15679 bytes)
Above pieces are of Obsidian.


StoneFaced2w.jpg (79681 bytes)         StoneFaced3w.jpg (59599 bytes)
        On the side of the axe.                                                    On the top of the spade.

StoneToolProfiles3W.jpg (88233 bytes)

It was an ancient belief that the stone tool, took on the spirit of the animal
it killed. They were also marked to show they were manmade, incase they were lost
and then found again, the finder would automatically know it was a tool made by another man.
Additionally some stone tools were used only in ceremony and carried the face of spirit or God.

StoneToolProfiles4W2.jpg (30724 bytes)              StoneToolProfile6W2.jpg (20251 bytes)
I surmise, the tool maker chose stones which featured faces on them, and then modified them to be tools.
Also accenting the stone, by carving and etching the stone to bring out the face.

StoneToolProfiles5W.jpg (62954 bytes)

CrystalFaces.jpg (58218 bytes)
All three brownish/gray stone tools have crystal formations on them.
Over a dozen other examples were found on another separate section of the property.
The above were found with over 800 pieces of obsidian, 5 obsidian balls and a granite stone disk.
Under Dr. Alfonz Lengyel tutorage, he and I excavated the artifacts together.

StoneTool.jpg (63805 bytes)
A granite stone tool found along the beaches of St. Croix, US VI
Arawak Indian or Ceboney?

More examples to follow.
A Clovis Point found along the panhandle of Florida.
Stone Age Points and ceremonial stones found in Michigan.
Stone tools found in Haiti, etc. etc. etc.


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