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Great News, it now appears we may have Chinese Camphor.

Cinnamomum camphora, native to Taiwan, southern Japan, southeast China and Indochina

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Camphor (Kapur), light weight and very strong with slight pinkish/gray color with some yellows.

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                    This piece was found in the Caribbean.                                  Sample of Chinese Camphor.

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Kapur (Camphor), Dryobalanops spp
SE Asia. (Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, S. Thailand


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This appears to be a Mahogany Rub Rail, or similar type of wood, African Mahogany perhaps?
It is even more rigid than the wood above. Long grained and reddish/brown in color.

Are there any Chinese woods with the same characteristics?

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Ribbon Striped African Mahogany

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Drill holes on the top and two angled sides.


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Even though it's not apparent in this photograph, the piece is flat across the back.


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Over 4 Meters in Diameter
A Giant African Mahogany Tree

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